The company is driven by a passion to protect and preserve architectural heritage.

Pinnacle offers expertise in historical conservation, consultation and construction. We work with private and commercial clients to conserve, repair and reconstruct fragile or antiquated buildings. We also attend to new builds within the curtilage of an existing heritage asset. Our method of operation centres on close contact and excellent working relationships with our clients at all times.

Our techniques of conservation consist of a mixture of state of the art, innovative mechanics and age-old and traditionally-learned masonry skills.

Working as principal contractor our specialist team will engage with our client at the earliest possible juncture. We will ensure positive consultations lead to a programme of work that suits the client in every way. Our pre-project appraisals include advice about the future potential of the site.

Our highly skilled team are directly employed and driven by a genuine passion for what they do. In each and every one of our projects Pinnacle strives to preserve the beauty and cultural importance of architectural features in order that they may be admired by future generations.