• Location

    Pocklington, East Riding

  • Listed Status

    Grade I Listed

Work began in April 2022, at All Saints Church in Pocklington to completely renovate the historic church porch and the unique tiling.

Pinnacle were instructed to firstly take on the survey of the detreating tiling, assessing the damage already appearing along with the long terms affects if not repaired.

One by one, our site team started to carefully remove the tiles, with some of the tiles ranging from 1 inch in size to 3 inches.   All tiles were carefully wrapped and stored off site.  Each stone was numbered, and colour coded on removal and marked up on a plan ready.

Working with Craven Dunnill Jackfiled, we were able to use a slip casting process to mould the tiles to reproduce an exact match.  The piece has dried, the tile is removed, glazed, and fired in the kiln.  This process can take up-to 3 moths for the drying process.

The newly cast tiles went through a process of colour matching.  The team of experts worked with Pinnacle and Pearce Bottomley to work on the colour pigments, enhancing the colour through a process of glaze base chemistries to get the exact colour match.

Using traditional old techniques, the site team used line levelling and templating to painstakingly replace the tiles to the same design, using xx to secure the tiles back into place.  This process took 3 weeks.

Following on from the porch renovation, Pinnacle have been instructed to carry out the replacement of some of the lime mortar to the side of the church.  The works included the careful removal of some of the existing lime mortar and reinstatement with new.  Painting and restoration of the existing down pipes were also carried out.