• Location

    Scarborough, North Yorkshire

  • Listed Status

    Grade II* Listed

Pinnacle Conservation worked with Beaumont Brown Architects and Redcar and Cleveland District Council to restore the Albert Memorial in the Valley Gardens in Saltburn.

In 1864, the portico was erected in the Valley Gardens for £300 and repurposed as a memorial to Prince Albert, husband and Prince Consort to Queen Victoria who died in December 1861.

The memorial had a flat roof and a walkway onto it. The pediment was unsupported and has been leaning outwards. And the front has sunk 80mm.

Until the last 50 years or so when loss of maintenance and a rise in antisocial behaviour has now caused the structure to deteriorate to a point where it has become in danger of collapse.

Mason Clark Associates, Conservation Engineers, York, were appointed,  to replace the rotten timber beams that held up the entablature and portico with new timber clad steel beams.

To improve its aesthetic and to remove long term maintenance issues and support the portico a pitched roof is being added.

Finalist – Constructing Excellence Yorkshire and Humber 2024, Regeneration and Retrofit Category